State Consolidation Company is a sole joint stock company with one hundred percent state ownership of its capital, registered under the Commercial Law. The rights of the sole owner of the capital are executed by the Minister of Economy.

State Consolidation Company EAD is a sole owner or a major shareholder in the capital of sixteen commercial companies. Pursuant to their activity, financial situation and importance for the Bulgarian economy, they can be divided into two main groups – strategic subsidiaries and subsidiaries for restructuring.

According to the Articles of Association of State Consolidation Company EAD, the subject of activity is: “Acquisition, management and sale of shares of the capital of commercial companies; acquisition, management, lease and sale of real estate; implementation of strategic projects; provision of water supply and sewerage services; supply and treatment of drinking water and water for domestic purposes; wastewater disposal and treatment services, including the management, maintenance and operation of water supply, sewerage and sewage treatment networks and facilities; construction, reconstruction, repair, maintenance and operation of any elements of technical infrastructure located on the company’s own properties; distribution of electricity and natural gas and operation of closed electricity and gas distribution networks, as well as any other production and commercial activities not prohibited by law.”