Board of Directors

State Consolidation Company EAD is a commercial company with a one-tier management system, governed by a Board of Directors. The Company is represented to third parties by an Executive Director who organises and manages its operational activities. The Board of Directors is composed of five members.

Ivan Zangochev

Executive Director

Elena Boltadjieva

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Venelin Shakov

Member of the Board of Directors

Desislava Chalamova

Member of the Board of Directors

Nikolay Zhelyazkov

Vice chairman of the Board of Directors

By a decisions reflected in Protocol No. RD-18-12 of 25 August 2023, the Minister of Economy and Industry elects the members of the Board of Directors and determines their remuneration in accordance with the principles, indicators, criteria and values pursuant to Article 56 of the Regulations for the Implementation of the Law on Public Enterprises, adopted by Decree of the Council of Ministers No. 85 of 30 April 2020 (Official Gazette No. 40 of 05 May 2020).